For over a decade, Iowa has ranked at the top in the nation for the number of African Americans per capita in the criminal justice system. Other groups are also over-represented. We must change this!


Join State Decision Makers, National Experts, Law Enforcement & Community Advocates

Creating Awareness Around Iowa’s Criminal Justice Disparities and Advocating for Strategies to Improve Them

INFORMATION! ACTIONS! SOLUTIONS! Not just an event, this Summit is a Strategy for Justice Reform!

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The Iowa Summit on Justice & Disparities convenes for 3 primary goals:

Information! Action! Solutions!

Each workshop, presentation, break-out session and panel will address all three of these objectives. The conference will serve as a vehicle to connect stakeholders with resources in an effort to work together for significant reduction in the startling rates of minority contact in the criminal justice system in Iowa.

Speakers & Panelists: National speakers, various justice practitioners, organizations and community members including: NAACP, Spectrum Resources, Disproportionate Minority Confinement, CCJP, State of Iowa Department of corrections, law enforcement representatives, and Iowa Judicial Officials.

Working Together for Change in Iowa!

For over a decade, Iowa has ranked number one in the nation for the number of African Americans per capita in the criminal justice system. Other
minority groups are also critically overrepresented.  WE MUST CHANGE THIS!

Iowa Summit On Justice and Disparities 2017
About The Justice Summit

Iowa Summit on Justice and Disparities 2017

Tuesday, October 10  8am-5pm

FAA Enrichment Center, DMACC Campus 1055 Prairie Trail Parkway, Ankeny Iowa

Now in its 5th year, the Iowa Summit on Justice & Disparities continues to address racial disproportionality in Iowa’s criminal justice system and other disparities.  Join us on October 10, 2017.

The 2017 summit offers a greater opportunity to address issues like the school to prison pipeline, Ban the Box – fair chance hiring, public safety; law enforcement tactics; implicit bias and other strategic opportunities to reduce racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

We invite you to join state decision makers, law enforcement representatives; national experts and community advocates  in addressing this issue that affects all Iowans.   Early bird registration is available now.

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Who Should Attend?

This issue is broad based and touches many areas.  Here are just a few of the groups that will benefit:

  • Social Workers

  • Prosecutors

  • People of Faith

  • Parole & Probation Officers

  • Nonprofit Staff

  • Ministers

  • Legislators

  • Lawyers

  • Law Enforcement

  • Justice Employees

  • Judges

  • Human Services

  • Human Resources

  • Government Officials

  • Formerly Incarcerated

  • Employers

  • Diversity Staff

  • Corrections Staff

  • Corporate Executives

  • Community Leaders

  • Civil Rights

  • Citizens

  • Advocates

  • Activists

  • Educators

  • Principals

  • School Board Members



State Decision Makers National Experts Law Enforcement Officials Community Advocates • and others

who will address minority disproportionality in the criminal justice system

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