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Des Moines.…The 5th Annual Iowa Summit on Justice & Disparities will be held October 10, 2017 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM at the FFA Enrichment Event Center, 1055 SW Prairie Trail Parkway, Ankeny, Iowa.  View September 26 Press Release in Entirety Here


Quick 5 Reasons to be at the Iowa Summit on Justice & Disparities

on October 10 , 2017

  1. Get Smart on Criminal Justice: Learn why addressing these disparities matters to communities, families and individuals. Hear the statistical data that outlines Iowa’s condition from a birds-eye view and also the personal stories that bring home how criminal justice disparities impact lives.
  1. Cultivate Resources: The summit will feature a host of national and local presenters sharing their research, best practices and innovative strategies for criminal justice reform. Whether you are a returning citizen or an Iowa politician, this event will impact your perspective on the justice system.
  1. Make Connections: If you are interested in working or advocating in the criminal justice arena but don’t know where to start, start here.  Meet the people working, living and investing with reform initiatives from across the state.  If you are already working in the criminal justice field, this is your chance to bolster your work and step out of your silos.
  1. Support Real Change: In its brief, almost four years, existence the Iowa Summit on Justice & Disparities has become known as a catalyst for significant change in Iowa’s criminal justice arena.  Along with the NAACP and others working on these issues, it has spurred significant change leading to changes in policy and law.
  1. Be part of the Action: Iowa is in a state of crisis. Our state consistently ranks at or near the top of criminal justice disparities around African American and minority citizenry. Whether it is arrests for drug use; voter disenfranchisement, or gravely disproportionate incarceration rates, Iowa needs to take action and change outcomes in Iowa’s criminal justice and other systems. You can be part of this movement.

CEUs and CLEs available.





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